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In business for over 25 years servicing Calgary and surrounding area. Always a live person to answer phones even after hours. We have in-house licensed, certified and qualified staff for everything we service, one of the only few companies in Calgary that can say this.. Only services we don't provide in house is kitchen system and FM 200 inspections or excavating, but can provide this through our network of subtrades, which we scrutinize for our customers benefit. We do realize that it's a bit confusing that an electrical contractor offers fire safety and sprinkler services, but we at JAS realized that many of our customers like the one call service we provide. We like to think of JAS as the small company with the big service.

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Our services

  • Emergency Service 24/7
  • Full Electrical Services
  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Hose
  • Intercom and Security Systems
  • Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs
  • Backflow Preventer
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Electrical Heat Scan With a Thermographic Camera & many more...
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The automatic sprinkler system can save property and lives as it is continuously watching for fire 24/7, 365 days a year as this is your first line of defense as its completely automated. It is absolutely imperative that they be services and maintained to code as they are required to work when called on.


Fire hydrants are required to be maintained and tested to code as they are a fire fighters’ best friend when fighting a fire, they supply a large volume of water to help fight an active fire. The pumper truck is required to hook up to the hydrant and they expect that the hydrant will function as intended as every second counts when fighting a fire.


Backflow assemblies (cross connection control devices) are required to be tested annually and maintained to code, as they play a very important role in the safety of our potable water. If they do not function as intended, they can allow contamination back to the public water supply.


Fire extinguishers are required to be maintained as they are your personal defense in fighting a fire, before any automatic suppression systems are activated. When using a fire extinguisher, you should utilize the P.A.S.S technique: P=Pull, A= Aim, S=Squeeze & S= Sweep. Working from the front of the fire to the back. The last thing you want, due to lack of service, is to try to use a fire extinguisher and nothing happens.


A fire alarm system is the eyes and ears of the building, watching every room and hall for signs of a fire. This system will alert the occupants of the building to evacuate the building when there is a fire, while also informing fire fighters where the fire is and slowing the spread of smoke and fire through various equipment.


Emergency lighting is an automated system that activates when the power fails. This is commonly done through the installation of battery powered light fixtures and battery packs throughout the building. When the building power fails, these lights help illuminate the path of egress out of the building. Due to batteries being the source of power for these lights and the variety of safety situations, it is imperative that they are properly tested and maintained so they work when needed.

safety is our priority

Fire extinguishers can be a small but important part of the home fire safety plan, the NFPA says. They can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or suppressing it until the fire department arrives.

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what our clients say

  • Lake Cbapparal - Pat and Dorothy Gillis

    We have used the services of JAS Electrical Contractors for our home renovation work and found them to be prompt, courteous and very efficient. Our reno was right in the middle of a very busy time for everyone during the "great floods of 2005", but they made time for us around all of their emergency repair work elsewhere in the city.

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  • Larlyn Property Management Ltd - Lynne Holmes

    As I write this letter, I don't believe any of us can forget the shock and devastation that was brought to bear by this sudden disaster. I don't know of anyone who was at all prepared for such overwhelming destruction. And yet, in a very short time, we began to recover, restore, and reclaim our daily lives.

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  • Samantha - Calgary

    Customer Service, Timeliness and Quality - This was my first experience of having JAS into my home. I’ll certainly know who to call in future. My thanks to Tracey and Gregg for listening to my issues and knowing precisely how to manage them.

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